Bit Unlocked

The moment is here BIT is unlocked and we would like to celebrate that with you. BIT can finally open its doors after being locked for such a long time. To celebrate this we present to you: BIT Unlocked, our first 24H event. Expect an intimate celebration of freedom starting at 23:00 on Saturday till 23:00 on Sunday.

For this event we are using time slot tickets. You can get tickets for a time slot to your preference. Once you are in with your ticket, you can stay for as long as you want. When leaving the club it is not possible to re-enter with your ticket. This means that there is a possibility that the club is full when you arrive. In that case it’s one out, one in.

The different time slots are:
26/27th: 23:00 / 07:00
27th: 07:00 / 14:00
27th: 14:00 / 23:00

Did you buy a ticket during our crowdfunding? You can claim your ticket now for BIT Unlocked. As being part of the crowd of 3000 you have the privilege to claim a separate amount of tickets from the presale tickets.