Right behind the doors of our club Bit you find our gastronomic front: restaurant Bitter

Bitter is all about confusion, hence the term “Confusion Kitchen”, which we use to describe the way we roll. We serve a menu of highly unexpected taste combinations and a strong curated wine selection. Expect the unexpected when visiting our restaurant and be ready for a mind boggling extravaganza of taste, smell and overall goodness. Enjoy with your friends, families or lovers by reserving your seat through our reservation system and we will welcome you as soon as we can!

Confusion kitchen



Bear leek





Jus de Veau


Rabbit food

We serve a 3 or 4 course set menu with both a vegetarian/vegan or a meat/fish option for every course, our menu prices start at €37,-. Also we have an optional wine pairing, carefully selected for our menu.


Profile photo Thijs Mutter

Thijs Mutter

Confusion kitchen is all about unusual ingredients, something different than what you usually see. Our head chef, and master of creative confusion, Thijs, is ever thinking of new flavours to bring to your dinner table. When we question his ways, he just says he thought of the dish when cycling on the way to Bitter, so just stick him on the bike, and he'll arrive with some fresh ideas.

Much like most of our team, Thijs learned through doing, working in restaurants, reading and experimenting. He has plans to consistently change the menu, with a few strong dishes that will stay for a season. Asked his favourite flavour he says 'Frikandel Special', very on brand confusing, to then see how he spins out these refined, and inspired dishes.