BIT transforms into BITTER

As you may have noticed, BIT has been on a recess. After weeks of thorough consideration, we have made the decision that BIT is undergoing a transformation into BITTER event space and night venue.

Even after two years, we are still in the midst of development. Like we were in the beginning. BIT started with a crowdfunding during Covid. We were overwhelmed and thankful of the huge support BIT got. The idea of a new club in Rotterdam brought something to look forward to in those insecure times and we were proud to provide this to the crowd. Then after almost a year we were allowed to start with day events, but a new lockdown came down on us after the third edition already and we had to close down and wait again. After Covid and the grand re-opening weekender, we started to run general weekly club nights at a time of overload of events and festivals which had been silent for the whole Covid periode. These were tough times, especially because BIT was a new venue. We’re grateful that we were able to survive, but it wasn’t without sacrifices.

In the beginning of this year we started fresh with a reconstructed club and a new experienced and very capable programmer. Our team worked relentlessly and we were convinced that this would lead BIT to a self-sustaining state within a considerable time, but this is still not our reality. So we need to act!

Building a sustainable existence isn’t easy. The difficult economic environment and changing club-landscape make things difficult. As trained event organizers we can conclude now that the gained experience in the past is not applicable to the current situation. That's why we have chosen to transition to a new name that brings together all our activities into one strong cohesive entity. It will serve as an event space for daytime events and feature a diverse nighttime program with collaborations from a variety of partners.

We are excited to confirm the first collaborations at BITTER for our club program:

  • FOMO
  • MONO Mob1le

We bid goodbye to BIT for now, during Nousklaer on July 7th. From that point onward, we will embrace the name BITTER.