∀ x BIT (WdKA screenings)

∀ (upside down A) is a math symbol used to represent universal quantification in predicate logic, where it is typically read as "for all".

The third year Audiovisual Design students of WdKA are joining their forces with BIT to take you through a journey between all the forms and themes that moving images can show. On the 7th of December, starting 2pm, you will have an unique opportunity to see and experience the outcomes of very personal and dear projects of AV3 students, on which they have been working for the last few months. The assignment, deprived of almost any barriers or limitations, encouraged everyone to let go of their fears and chase their artistic dreams.

You can secure a ticket for your preferred time of day to watch films, either the afternoon screening (15-19) or the evening screening (19-23). Beware that we have limited seats, so be quick! The ticket grants you access to the exhibition area for the entire day, as well as the afterparty, which will wrap up the day with sounds of AV and friend,